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February 17, 2013

DJI Naza-M Quad Setup Using Er9X

In my previous post regarding Flysky TH-9x Hacked with ER9x i have included the settings that i made for a DJI Naza-M quad in the video. So in this post I'll include those exact settings that i used in the video with a clearer picture. Bare in mind that the settings posted here is what worked for me. There are two model used, which is 1. Flight modes + RTH/Failsafe + Remote Adjustment for Basic and Attitude gain. 2. Flight Modes + RTH/Failsafe + Remote Adjustment for Basic Gain and IOC both Course and Home lock.

As i am setting this radio for a friend of mine, i have marked all the switches and knobs that i used. It's just to make the transition easier once the quad gets to the rightful owner.

  • Top left for Attitude Pitch and Roll remote gain.
  • Top right for Basic Pitch and Roll remote gain.
  • THR - IOC on/off
  • RUDD - IOC Course/Home Lock
  • ELE - Backlight on/off
  • F Mode - Flight Mode (Manual/Att/GPS)
  • AIL - Timer
  • GEAR - RTH/Failsafe

Basic Channel Setup and Flight Modes

Notice the corresponding basic 4 channel as they sometimes were different by default. Refer to your wiring from the RX to the Naza-M FC. As i am used to Futaba channel setup, so that's what i used here (JR user might used a different channel assignment). I've assigned Ch5 for controlling the flight modes which will goes to U channel on the FC using F Mode switch. ID0-Manual, ID1-Att and ID2-GPS. The percentage/weight that i used is determined using the Assistant software to make sure each flip of the switch is corresponding to the right flight mode. Yours might be different. R is for Replace.

These are the settings inside each mixes for ID0-2 (Warning 1 on ID0 is as reminder the switch is on Manual mode)

RTH (Return To Home) a.k.a Triggering Failsafe 

You will want a single switch to trigger a RTH mode no matter in what flying mode are you in. In my case i choose the GEAR switch. So i want when GEAR is on and ID0 is on (Manual mode) or ID1 is on (ATT mode) or ID2 is on (GPS mode), the quad will be triggered for failsafe or return to home.
So using this Custom Switches or Software Switches, we can do just that. The argument AND on the second column means - Switch SW1 will only be ON when switches stated in the third and forth column meet both its criteria. ie: SW1 is on only if ID0 is ON AND GEAR is ON.

So now we want once the GEAR switch is on, our FC will be in Failsafe mode. So we have to send the right signal to the U channel on the FC using our Ch5.
Again, the percentage/weight that i used is determined using the Assistant software to make sure the flip of GEAR switch will triggered Failsafe. Yours might be different.

These are the settings inside each mixes for SW1-3 (Warning 2 is as reminder its in RTH mode)

Remote Gain Control

Here i've used P1 (POT1) and P2 (POT2) connected to Ch6 and Ch7 through X1 and X2 on the FC to control the gain remotely.
It's not 100% as i've notice the percentage/weight is controlling the resolution of changes to the gain values on the FC. I've also noticed it would be better to center your knobs and set your starting gains manually through Assistant as to get equally low and high gain settings.


Intelligent Orientation Control

As the IOC need the X2 channel of the FC, we have to disable one of our remote gain capabilities. I've chosen to keep the Basic Gain. In my case sacrificing the P1 on Ch7 for IOC input to X2.
This is archive by creating a new model.

But to have full capabilities of IOC mode including being able to record a new course or home we will be needing another 3 position switch which we don't have on stock Flysky TH9x. But with Er9X we can emulate the 3 position switch using the Custom Switches menu.
Using the THR and RUD switch and 4 custom swithes we can do just that. The THR switch act as IOC OFF, !RUD as Course Lock and RUD as Home Lock.

SW4 is when IOC is in Course Lock.
SW5 is when IOC is in Home Lock.
SW6 and SW 7 is when IOC is OFF.

With this setup you can easily record a new Course by flipping the THR switch a couple of times
record your new Home by flipping the RUD switch a couple of times while the THR switch is on.

Again , the percentage/weight that i used is determined using the Assistant software to make sure the flip of each switch will give the corespondent IOC mode. Yours might be different. Warning 4 on SW4 and SW5 is to trigger an alarm when the IOC is ON.

I hope this will somehow make sense to somebody whose looking how to setup their DJI Naza-M Quadcopter using Er9X. Please be safe while doing your settings. Make sure to take off the propellers from your motors.

Firmware Ver r782

Thanx to Jazzman for this opportunity. Khairil and Mr Halil for their guidance.