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Feeling like your RC hobby life is getting dull? Lost of interest?
If you do, you seems to be those who involve with RC hobby for the wrong reason. There's so much more with this hobby other than get to control your model remotely. Do something different and try something new. Use your imagination. Build something instead of buying the ready-made model. You will love the feeling seeing your handmade model move/fly. But i have to warn you, it is addictive.

Have you ever try to figure out something to make your RC hobby much more interesting?
I have the same feeling now and then. When i do, the internet is my best friend. There are lots of RC hobbyist around the world who just kindly enough to share their new RC discovery. By looking at ones project might give you the idea how to make something more interesting or you can try the project that you find interesting yourself. I bet you will learn something new from it.

KcRcW is the way of me saying thank you for all those people who has share their projects and experience in RC hobby. The things i have learned recorded here for future reference and for others to find. Because i know how it feels when some idea that we have get stuck just because we don't have the right information to carry on. Or sometimes it scattered around with too much information. So some of the post that i made here are result of the information gathering that i have made on the topic that i need to know. Hopefully it will become someone else information as a guidance to the success of their projects.

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